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David Whitfield

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This website is dedicated to the David Whitfield International Appreciation Society and has no affiliation or connection with any other site where the name David Whitfield is used.

The Society was formed in 1987 by a small group of admirers of the Whitfield voice. It has grown over the years and now has a membership of almost three hundred. With the formation of the Society, many of David's past fans have come together with the aim of keeping alive the name and music of David Whitfield. We are delighted to have well known names from show business as honorary members, and these are headed by our Patron, the world-renowned Dame Vera Lynn DBE, LLD, M.MUS.

The Society has achieved many things over the last few years, notably:

  • The publication of a book, Cara Mia, The David Whitfield Story, about David's life.
  • A rose named after David, 100 of which are planted in a rose garden dedicated to him, in his home city of Hull.
  • A star in the heavens has been named 'David Whitfield'.
  • A portrait of David attached to a 1st class Royal Mail stamp.
  • Our latest and probably our most ambitious project to date is to have sculpted in bronze a life-size statue of David, to be erected within the site of the Rose Garden that bears his name.

The Society publishes three magazines a year, and these are full of interesting material and facts about David. In addition to this there is an annual general meeting and get-together, held in October, when David's fans travel from all parts of the UK and gather in Beverley, near Hull, to meet old friends and, no doubt, swap stories about their hero.

Running alongside the Appreciation Society there is a David Whitfield Maternity Fund which, purely from voluntary donations, seeks to help neo-natal units throughout the country. Friends and members do a splendid job in knitting baby clothes and these are distributed to various hospital baby units.

A museum, which has been featured on several television programmes over the years, was established and officially opened by David's widow, Sheila, and is full of photographs, theatre billings and several of David's personal effects. Housed within the museum are copies of ALL of David's recordings, the vast majority of which are now transferred on to CD.

Visits to the museum are free of charge, but arrangements should be made beforehand with the curator, Mr Bill Wilkins. Contact details are available on our Contacts page.

Membership of the David Whitfield International Appreciation Society is available at a modest £7.00 per year, surely excellent value for money. Click this link to bring up a Membership Application Form. Once completed the form should be sent to Mrs Wendy Warcup at 35 Melton Old Road, Melton, North Ferriby, East Yorkshire, HU14 3HP.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the Society. And thank you for visiting this site and taking the time to read about the David Whitfield International Appreciation Society.